Greetings, Fellow Human Animal!

I’m Melinda, the artist behind MemeMemeLinda, creating digital art as a form of vegan artivism.

“Okay, so you’re vegan, but what the heck is artivism?”

Art is everything and everything is art, as you know. And I’m sure you’re familiar with the word activism. So an artivist is a person who believes strongly in the need for change and uses art as a tool to fight oppression. I’m a vegan artivist because I use my art to advocate for the rights of non-human animals and for a more sustainable and compassionate lifestyle for human animals. If you’d like to learn more about my journey and the message behind my art, click here and keep reading. If you landed on this page by accident, and are now wondering what to do and where to go next, then simply go vegan! It’s the right thing to do anyways…

Contact me if you’re interested in commissions, collaborations or just wanna say hi. I’m always open for new ideas and happy to hear from you.

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Don’t be a stranger…Let’s be friends!
Find me on social media @MemeMemeLinda


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