The Miraculous Deer

Acrylic on canvas | 60 × 80 cm

A central figure in the legends of the origin of the Hungarian people.


A Csodaszarvas – The miraculous deer

According to the legend the two brothers, Hunor and Magor were out hunting when they saw the miraculous stag. They pursued the animal but it always stayed ahead of them, leading them westward into Levedia, where they married two princesses and founded the great Hungarian nation.


One of the main reasons for claims of religious and cultural ties between Huns and Hungarians is the stag and the brothers Hunor and Magor.
The legendary twin patriarchs of the Huns and Magyars (Hungarians), respectively.
They were said to be the sons of the Biblical Menrot (Nimrod) or of Japeth.



6900 NOK

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